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Commonwealth Avenue Asset Management (CAAMCO) is an asset management company that utilizes a benchmark-agnostic Absolute Return approach. 

Before starting CAAMCO, the principals of the company have a long and verifiable actual track record of outperforming global capital markets.  We attribute our performance to our unique approach of utilizing Neural Networks and subsequently other tenets of Artificial Intelligence since 2003.  The company is a certified Fintech Company by the Singapore Fintech Association.

CAAMCO is a strong advocate and practitioner of Sustainable Finance and the urgent need to mitigate Climate Change.  93.0% of the exposure of our clients portfolios are to companies that meet the required criteria of the MSCI World ESG Universal Select Business Screens, and 98.5% of the exposure are to companies with low carbon emissions, based on MSCI ESG CarbonMetrics data. 

Important Note: Investments involve risk, and past performance is not indicative of future returns

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